Blackmoon Rolled Out A Strategy Allowing To Generate Returns Opposite The Performance Of ETH : CryptoCurrency

Brunswickstreet rolled out a Strategy allowing you to generate returns opposite the performace of ETH:

  • Step 1: Register on Bitmex.

  • Step 2: Buy 1000$ of ETH on Coinbase.

  • Step 3: Send your ETH to your Bitmex wallet.

  • Step 4: Make a 100x leveraged bet that ETH is going down, meaning your $1000 is worth $100.000 now.

  • Step 5: Lose $1000 worth of ETH because the price moved up $2.

  • Step 6: ???

  • Step 7: Not profit.

After extensively evaluating my strategy over a period of 6 months with the help of the University of Degenerated Traders I advise you to not use derivatives in a market as volatile and manipulated as the cryptocurrency-market.

Honestly though, there is no need for highly speculative bets in a market that in itself is highly speculative. Also betting on this market to go down a lot further now might be the equivalent of betting this market would go up a lot further after we’ve reached $17k last year.

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