Repigmenting Hair Serums : hair aging

Givaudan Active Beauty’s Darkenyl Counteracts Whitened, Aging Hair

There are countless products that exist to help mature consumers address hair aging by artificially covering up the root of the issue but Givaudan Active Beauty is now introducing ‘Darkenyl’ as a revolutionary repigmenting and conditioning serum to reverse the biological hair-whitening process.

The new haircare product is powered by cutting-edge stem cell research to reduce free radical damage and protect hair on a molecular level. Amandine Scandolera, Head of Biological Evaluation, notes that “having white hair is definitely not an irreversible phenomenon anymore” thanks to the development of Darkenyl.

The innovative hair product has the potential to be used by all genders, as well as people with any type of hair color for long-lasting results.

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