Capital One Fan Vote: Who’s your No. 1?

We’ve entered the meat and potatoes of college basketball season: conference play. And as conference foes face off, one big question remains: Which team is truly the best? Duke gets the most buzz due to its high-flying freshman duo of Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett, but Michigan and Virginia remain undefeated and Tennessee is playing […]

The 2018 Fighting Game Awards

Fighting games had a marquee year in 2018, as a mix of fantastic callbacks, fun single-player modes, and outstanding tournaments kept the genre a bigger talking point than it’s been in a long time. And for the first time, we’re giving fighting games their own genre awards! Here are our picks for which games moved […]

Voice-Controlled Smart Mirrors : HiMirror Mini

HiMirror Announced the Launch of the HiMirror Mini at CES 2019 Two-time CES Innovations Award winner HiMirror is returning to the Consumer Electronics Show this year to announce the launch of its innovative HiMirror Mini. Over the past few years, HiMirror has introduced its portfolio of interactive smart mirrors, capable of providing personalized readings based […]

Blake Griffin doesn’t need to be relevant

A FEW MONTHS BACK, Blake Griffin announced he was quitting comedy, his favorite extracurricular activity away from basketball, to pursue music as his next sideline. This declaration was the premise of the four-part mockumentary-ish “Comedy by Blake” digital series for Funny or Die. After Jeff Ross broke the news with a smirk in one scene, […]