A deeper look at all major banks on a bank run… Will You Get Your Money In A CRISIS? : CryptoCurrency

Should you take your money out of your bank as the ultra-wealthy has. They are storing cash in vaults

So take your money out of the bank so you can pay them to keep your money? Yeah that doesn’t make sense. If you want to bank with a full reserve bank, you can do that but you’re going to pay a fee.

The rest of this “article” is filled with misinformation.

You don’t lend the bank money, and they then lend it out.

You keep money in the bank and agree to let them lend it out, they make money on the interest and share that profit with you. My bank gives me 3% interest, ally offers 2% with no hoops to jump through.

Unless your banking with a full reserve bank, it would be foolish to think that the bank has 100% of all deposits on hand. Banks have assets that outweigh their liabilities, that’s how banking works.

It’s not like they have 10% cash reserves and the other 90% is just gone.

It’s out being productive, making YOU and the bank money.

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