I’m As Certain As Ever – Bitcoin’s Revolution Is Only Just Beginning

~x70 price in 3 years is not impossible for something with a relatively low market cap (if you bought exactly 3 years before $20k ATH and sold at the tippity-top, you came pretty close @ ~x63, though we know what happened if you hodlded). Overlooking that x63/3yrs was true (for BTC) for just one day (AFAIK), this was a rise from ~$320 to $20k, this sort of gain is unlikely once you hit the second half of the chessboard <=click to study understand how exponential growth works.

TL:DR: Mom has $100 in her purse; Eddy takes $1 on Monday. Pilfering 63 times more ($63) on Tuesday won’t be a problem. On Wednesday, OTOH, snagging x63 more won’t happen — not because newfound scruples, but because Mom doesn’t have $63 * 63 = $3,969 in her purse.

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