Is it OK to take the pill every day without a break?

Image copyright Getty Images Newspaper headlines this week have advised women that they can take contraceptive pills “every day of the month, without any break” to avoid monthly bleeds and period pain. But the professional body behind the guidelines that prompted the news reports says their recommendations have been misinterpreted. The Faculty of Sexual and […]

Detoxifying Body Oils : detox oil

The Susanne Kaufmann Ingweröl Detox Oil Boasts Medicinal Herb Extracts The Susanne Kaufmann Ingweröl Detox Oil is a potent, herbaceous product that is said to be beneficial for detoxifying the skin and giving the connective tissue new resilience. The nourishing body oil is made from a combination of avocado rosehip seed and jojoba oils, with […]

When Cancer Meets the Internet

That said, people facing cancer often can glean valuable information and support through the internet. “The internet can be a tool that can give people access to good scientifically vetted information,” Dr. Schapira said. “It can help patients be better prepared for a consultation with an expert. And after such a consultation, they can check […]

Itch-Relieving Hair Milk Oils : hair milk oil

Kristin Ess’ New Hair Milk Oil Deeply Hydrates the Scalp and Hair Beauty brand Kristin Ess recently unveiled a new product that’s ideal for those who are looking to bring some life back into their tresses while nourishing their scalp: a hair milk oil that’s packed with natural ingredients that work to restore hydration and […]