Indians spent $4Bn on International money transfer in 2018, for sending money back to India. Using crypto can save billions for middle class people sending money back home. : CryptoCurrency

Remittance as a use case or killer app has been discussed in the crypto community for years now, and so far, nothing has really come of it. I suppose they still need easier access to on/off ramps with fiat, and there is also a pretty big disparity in wealth, so perhaps those working OS to […]

Top Ten Gifts for a Bitcoin Lover from Society6

No idea what Christmas gift to get for the Bitcoin fanatic in your life? Here are the 10 best Bitcoin and Ethereum-themed products you can buy from artist marketplace Society6, according to us. The holidays are just around the corner, and that means it’s the season to give! Have an annoying sibling or friend talks […]

American Express Praises Ripple’s Capability to Process Cross-border Transactions ‘In a Matter of Seconds’ : CryptoCurrency

“Since anybody can run a validator, the burden is on the network participants to choose a reliable set. Currently, Ripple provides a default and recommended list which we expand based on watching the history of validators operated by Ripple and third parties. Eventually, Ripple intends to remove itself from this process entirely by having network […]

BitMEX Develops Bitcoin ‘Derivatives’ Based On Price Movement For Investors To Bet Big On BTC

Crypto World products are gradually being designed Wall Street style with the latest talks revolving around Bitcoin futures. BitMEX is amongst the players that have capitalized on the lacking derivative market for digital assets given the lucrative nature of these contracts. The firm’s parent company, HDR Global Trading Limited, has a license of operation from […]

This man was saying that bitcoin was revolutionary back when it was a dollar. At the time people mass downvoted him and hated him saying this was a joke. : CryptoCurrency

and 100,000,000 sats doesn’t mean that the 7.4B people want to buy your pennies. They can copy the code and start over. They have the numbers to replace bitcoins network in a heartbeat. People don’t need bitcoin, or any crypto currently around. If the tech is good they can copy it and leave bagholders behind. […]