Street Fighter V Brings Back Evil Ryu As Kage

Update: You can read the full, official balance changes accompanying this patch right here. You can find a breakdown of the character here. Capcom has announced a new character for Street Fighter V, and you can play as him right now. The introduction of Kage, who looks to be a more intensified and renamed version of Evil […]

Rapper Soulja Boy To Launch Esports Franchise

During a brief on-camera interview with TMZ, rapper Soulja Boy tells the outlet that he has plans to start up his own esports franchise. He wants to hire on the streamer Ninja, though he acknowledges it may be a difficult feat. He says, however, that he two are “close friends” and that Ninja helped get […]

HQ Trivia Co-Founder Colin Kroll Dies At 35

Colin Kroll, the co-founder and CEO of HQ Trivia, has passed away after what appears to be a drug overdose, reports TMZ. Kroll’s girlfriend called the police when she wasn’t able to get a hold of him early this morning. The police accompanied her to his home, where they found him dead in his bedroom […]