Mega Man 11 Review – Graduated Old School

When Mega Man jumped onto the scene in 1987, it was like nothing else. Players could determine the order in which they took down all of Dr. Wily’s evil robot masters and then steal their powers. After 30 years, that formula no longer feels novel, but Mega Man 11 proves that the classics are classic […]

The Best Video Game Costumes For Halloween 2018

The temperature is dropping, pumpkin-carving pictures are everywhere, and there’s an entire aisle in the grocery store dedicated to candy; it must be time for Halloween! If you got caught up playing the multitude of incredible games that hit this month and forgot to shop for a costume, don’t worry! We’ve combed the Internet looking for the absolute […]

Blood-Sucking Graphic Adventure Vampyr Coming To Switch

Vampyr, the vampire-based adventure title from the creators of Life is Strange and Remember Me, is coming to the Nintendo Switch at an indeterminate point in the future. The announcement comes from the game’s publisher, Focus Home Interactive, in their latest financial report. “In Q3, the Group will continue to maximize the potential of the […]

Super Mario Party Review – Same Party, New Decorations

The Mario Party franchise has always been about the convergence of board games and minigames with Nintendo characters thrown into the mix. Recent entries deviated from the tried and true formula to unpopular results, but Super Mario Party returns the series to its roots. While the return to the standard board-game format is a welcome adjustment, […]