Metro 2033 Is Free On Steam For The Next 24 Hours

If you’re interested in post-apocalyptic worlds, stealthy first-person shooters, or just itching to tangle with some crazy monsters, now’s your chance. Metro 2033 is now available for free on Steam, but you’d better install the game quick, because the deal only lasts for 24 hours. Released in 2010, the game follows the exploits of Artyom, a ranger […]

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Review – Fighting For Glory

Many mythological traditions involve some form of demigod, an exceptional individual born from the union of a human and a deity. These heroes accomplish astounding things thanks to their divine heritage, but their mortal sides keep them from joining the ranks of true gods. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey exists in the same place between two realms. […]

Gamers Should Be Voting, So Why Aren’t We?

When considering the latest game release, many players excitedly discuss the opportunities for interactive engagement in their latest purchase. Did you go renegade or paragon? Did you roll a paladin or mage? Which party members did you take into the final encounter? We’re fascinated by the chance to express a choice, and see that decision […]

New Monster Hunter Movie Photo Shows Off Slinger

It is apparently no small point of pride for the people working on the upcoming Monster Hunter movie that the weapons in the film are accurate to the weapons in the game. The other day, a screen from the film showed a character carrying a rifle, causing fans to raise eyebrows at what exactly this movie was […]