Deaf Dog Dumped At Shelter Needs His Blanket Close By

Valcor was surrendered to the shelter after his family had a baby. His previous owners claimed they had to leave him behind because he had become protective of his littlest sibling, Menges noted, and was having territory issues with their other dog. Staffers were wary of these protective tendencies at first, but quickly realized that […]

Cat Rescued From Utility Pole in Colorado!

Thank you to all who responded to the call to action regarding a cat trapped on a utility pole for over five days in Sanford, Colorado. The grateful guardian has confirmed that the cat has been rescued. Please check out our other alerts to speak up for animals who still need your help! PETA has […]

These Seals Keep Getting Eels Stuck Up Their Noses

When field biologists walked the beaches of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands looking for Hawaiian monk seals earlier this year, they did a double take. They were stunned to see a seal in a bit of a predicament — an eel was hanging out of her nose. Credit: NOAA/Brittany Dolan, NOAA Permit #16632-02 “They were definitely […]

Ingrid Newkirk Takes On the Elephant Slave Trade

Right now, elephants in India—some with tuberculosis, most with rotted, painful feet—are being beaten with bullhooks to make them fearful, compliant, and willing to let tourists ride on their backs. They’ve been beaten badly since they were removed from their mothers and put into chains. But right now, PETA and PETA India are battling to […]